Mission & Vision
- Rajshekar Hande
AfricanAgro Group

African Agro based in Knao, is one of the leaders in crop protection chemicals and sprayers in Nigeria. We have wide range of products for different crops and for different season fro wed control, pest control, fungal spred control and effective storage of grains.

We are focused to provide best quality products at best prices to the Nigerian framers. We carefully select and source our products from the best manufacturers around the world with ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certification.

We do take utmost care in desiging and distributing appropriate package to suit Nigerian needs keeping safety as our prime concern. All our products are strictly regulated by inadulterable and consistent quality assured Supply Chain.

For Years our competitiors has followed our business model and we look forward to continue to be the leader in the sector. We are proud to be serving Nigerian Economy and Agriculture and put forward our effort to be the market leader in near future.
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